Additional Payment MethodsSetup Childcare Voucher/ Tax-Free Childcare payment.

For Standard and Premium plan users, Pembee also supports Childcare Voucher or Tax-Free Childcare.

Childcare Voucher

Visit the Admin area and go to Settings - Payment Methods, and click on Childcare voucher. You can add the Childcare Voucher schemes you support. In the message area, you can add instructions on how parents should pay you, for example, within 2 days of placing the booking and should include the booking number/ kids name in the payment reference.

Childcare Voucher payment instructions

For each Childcare Voucher provider, you can add specific payment instructions to help users identify your business as each Childcare Voucher provider may assign you a different organisation reference code. This payment instruction and the message above will be sent along with the booking confirmation email so users can have the payment instruction at hand when making transfers in the chosen Childcare Voucher provider's system.

Childcare Voucher providers list

Once everything is ready, click on the Enabled button and then the Save button. You are now able to accept childcare vouchers as payment.

Tax-free childcare

When you enable Tax-free childcare, the user will be asked to fill in a payment reference code for each attendee in the checkout process. This is unique to each kid and will help you identify the payment from your own bank account. We also ask users to provide their Tax-free Childcare account number as additional information.

Tax-free childcare payment fields

Confirming Childcare Voucher or Tax-free Childcare payments

As Childcare Voucher and Tax-free Childcare payments happen outside of Pembee, the system will record these payments (along with the relevant information) as a pending line under each booking record.

Childcare voucher payment transaction

You can find more details on how to confirm payments and balance your book in this help centre article: How to Manage Bookings

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