Manage Session RegisterHow to generate and manage session register

This guide will walk you through how to generate a session register so that you can download or print as a check-in sheet to use on the day of the session.

In the Activity tab, click on 'Session list'. This will order all the sessions chronologically. Use the filter above if you want to look for particular sessions. Then click on the 'Register' button toward the right. This will generate a register for you for that session.

Activities session list

In the session register, you can click the 'Configure' button to change what attendee/user fields you want to include on the register. You can also include additional booking details such as add-on items, outstanding balance, etc. You can then click the 'Download' button to export the register. You may need to test a bit on the font size to make sure all information can fit on one row, particularly if you have some field names that are relatively long. If you are struggling to fit everything on one page, consider changing the field names to shorter ones, and utilise the Helptext for the field to give more context.

Configure register
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