Share your booking pageHow to share Pembee site or activity page

Once you have configured your Pembee account and created activities, you can share the links so that your customers can start booking as soon as possible.

Check how your customers will see your Pembee page

Click on Back to site in the Admin area to see how your customers will see your Pembee booking page. You can check whether the activities are added correctly, how does your customised information (such as logo, social media links, activity pictures) look like. You can also place a test booking by adding a ticket, and go through the process of filling in attendee details to make sure the custom forms are set up correctly. Make sure you are happy before sending the booking link around!

Back to site link

Share the booking site

Your unique booking page ( is set up when you first registered with Pembee. If you have a second thought about the domain you have chosen, please send us an email and we will be in touch. You can share the link on your social media page. If you have your own website, you can also create a link on your website so that any visitors to your website is one-click away from booking directly. Most modern website builders have easy-to-use tutorials on creating such a link, but if you need any help, just send us an email!

Embed the booking page on your own website

We also support iframe so you can embed the front page in your own website. You can copy the code below (replace the 'abcd' with your own subdomain) to your website editor at the part of the page you want it to appear.

<iframe src="" frameborder="0" scrolling="yes" seamless="seamless" style="border:none;display:block;height:800px;width:100%;"> </iframe>

Configure custom domain

For Premium plan users, you also have the option to redirect your own website url to Pembee. This requires some level of knowledge on website DNS settings. For example: You own the website You want to create a new page and make this your Pembee booking page. In your DNS settings, you need to create a record as below:

DNS settings

You can change the 'bookings' part to anything you see fit. This will change the page url on your own website. After this, please email with your booking url ( in the example above). This will effectively connect your chosen website url to Pembee so your customers can place bookings on your own website.

Share a particular activity booking page

Each activity you have created have their dedicated web address. If you prefer to link a section of your website to each individual activity, you can find out the web address by clicking on the activity of interest in the Back to site view (see the first step above).

Activity page link shown in browser navigation bar
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