Enable Card PaymentGuide on how to create/ connect a Stripe account

Pembee supports both online and offline payments. For online payment, we partner with Stripe, a leading online payment processing company. This guide will walk you through the steps you need to enable card payment in Pembee.

Step 1: Pembee Settings - Payment Methods

Visit the Admin area and go to Settings - Payment Methods. You will find that the Credit/debit card option is disabled temporarily. Click into this option and click on the Set up Stripe account button to be directed to Stripe securely.

Set up Stripe button

Step 2: Input Stripe details

You will then be asked to either create an account or log in with your email (if you already have an account with Stripe). You will then need to fill in details about yourself, your business, and the bank account you want to receive payment into. Please note that you will need to input the business detail and bank account even if you already have an account with Stripe.

Get started with Stripe formStripe form requesting business information

Note: There are three business types that you can choose when registering with Stripe. You may be asked to input your CRN (Company Registration Number) or Tax ID if you choose the type 'Company'. If you are not registered as a company, please select 'individual/sole trader' instead.

Stripe business type field

If you have accidentally chosen the wrong business type, you can always return to Pembee payment setting, and click 'Remove connected account' to delete the old account and start the process again.

Once everything is ready, click on the Submit button and then you will be re-directed back to Pembee's Admin area.

Step 3: Return to Pembee Admin area

Depending on the circumstances, you might see one of the two scenarios below. If you see "payout not yet enabled" (first screenshot below), it means Stripe is carrying out a few additional checks to make sure the details you have provided are correct. Please click on the Save button, and once Stripe verifies all the details, your card payment will be enabled automatically. It usually only takes a few minutes to hours to update. Please get in touch with us if it doesn't update within 24 hours and we will look into it for you.

Stripe connection with Payouts not enabledStripe connection with Payouts enabled

You will be able to accept card payments once you see the credit/debit card payment option shown as enabled, like in the screenshot below.

Payment methods list showing Stripe enabled

Side note about Stripe dashboard

If you are new to Stripe, or if you haven't used Stripe for a while, it is important to take some time to familiarise yourself with the Stripe dashboard and key settings.

Through integration with Stripe, you can realise most day-to-day payment related functions within Pembee, such as accepting card payment, checking if a card payment has been made, or issuing refund. You don't need to log in to Stripe for these day-to-day actions. However, you may want to check some other settings, most important of them being the payout schedule.

Payout schedule determines how often your Stripe balance gets paid out to your bank account that you provided during setup. The default is daily, which is helpful for small businesses' cash flows. However, if your bank, especially some new digital-only business bank accounts, charges a fixed fee on each pay-in instance, you may want to change it to be less frequent.

To change the payout frequency, log in to your Stripe dashboard by visiting Stripe using the email address you registered with. If you have multiple accounts associated with the same email address, choose Pembee on the upper left corner of your profile, then click Balances on the left side menu bar (see picture below).

Stripe Dashboard - balances link

After that, click on Payout settings as shown below.

Stripe Dashboard - payouts

You will then be directed to the settings page, where you can change the bank account to receive payment into, or the frequency.

Stripe Dashboard - payout settings

If you have more questions, please visit Stripe Payout guide

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