About us

Our Story

With backgrounds in e-commerce, business consulting, sports coaching and software development, our founders bring a unique combination of skills to deliver our goal of creating a product that is not only a delight to use but also adds real value to our customers' businesses.

We started the idea after developing a custom-made booking system for a sports club in Bristol. Through the process of product research and development, we found out that most existing booking systems do not have a friendly user interface (for both business admin and end customers). More importantly, with digital marketing becoming an ever more important channel for business to continue growth, none of the existing solutions has any marketing functions integrated, meaning business users have to spend time and money subscribing to other services and integrating with the system.

During customer research, we also realised that many small businesses have not been investing in digital marketing or simply do not know where to begin. This prompted the idea of creating a knowledge platform where we can document and share some of the tips we have been using ourselves.

We aim to create an activities booking software that is purposely built for the digital age and help your business grow by offering easy-to-use digital marketing tools or integration solutions to help you kickstart your digital marketing journey.