A better way to handle group activity bookings

The functions you need to support your activity business, and more.

Less time on admin, more focus on your customers

Free yourself from all the admin work so you can focus on what you do best.

Automated Class Roster/ Register

All rosters/ registers in one place: Update customer records, log cash payments, and download and print registers for your staff.

See it live

Automatic Email Confirmations

Automatic email confirmations with all the booking details to keep your customers informed.

Clone existing activities

Want to repeat an activity you already created? Simply clone it with all the details easily populated for you.

Filterable customer and attendee list

Customer and attendee details all in one place. Easily filterable so you can find what you are looking for.

Flexible system, custom made to suit your business

You can customise almost anything: attendee forms, detailed activity pages, social media profiles, emails and even filters.

Custom booking form

Easily configure what attendee information to collect: medical conditions, past experience, special instructions, anything you need.

Flexible activity page

Beautify your activity page with pictures. Separate description into sections. Upload attachments with additional information.

Multiple ticket types

Course ticket, single session ticket, free trial ticket. Want to limit the number of trial tickets? Simply set a limit for each ticket type.

Personalised customer interactions

Personalise any system email. Set logo and social media profiles. On your own (cancellation) terms.

Configurable filters

Control what filters are available for customers and for admins, so they can easily find the activity they are looking for.

Flexible add-on items

Offer add-on items to be sold alongside any tickets, so customers can choose the most suitable package.

Handle payment at ease

Take online payment, handle refund, track outstanding balance, add extra admin charge, all within Pembee.

Secure online payments

Integrated with Stripe. Secure and reliable for online payments.

One-click refund

Cancel part of or the entire booking, and refund simultaneously.

Offline payments

Record offline payments: cash, bank transfers .

Balance reminder

Easily find out bookings with outstanding balance, and get reminded on the day. No more payment chasing.

Subscription payments

Generate recurring revenue with monthly subscriptions.

Simple tools, powerful insights

Find out how your business is doing, recover abandoned bookings, supercharge your business.

Intuitive dashboard

Analyse business performance, understand customer feedback, and understand historic trends.

Integrated marketing tools

Send automatic abandoned cart recovery emails. Analyse visitor conversions. Simple tools to bring your business to the next level.

Simple analytics

Simple metrics to help you understand customer journey.

Discount rules and codes

Powerful discount rules to offer multi-session discount or sibling discount. Attract new customers with discount codes.

Session pass

Reward loyal customers with discounted session passes.

Marketing knowledge nuggets

Free digital marketing knowledge nuggets to help you grow your business.

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