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Pembee and Sawyer Comparison

Pembee vs. Sawyer Comparison
Feature by FeaturesPembeeSawyer
Monthly feeStarts at $15/monthStarts at $129/month
Credit card transaction feesFrom 0.59% + Stripe fees$1.99 + Stripe fees
Payment Options
Credit/Debit cardIncludedIncluded
Cash/ Bank transferIncludedOnly on premium plan.
Session passes/ class bundlesIncludedIncluded
Monthly subscriptionsIncludedIncluded
Account creditIncludedIncluded
Activity Settings
Sell add-on itemsIncludedIncluded
Customize activity listing pageIncludedNot included
Place limit for individual sessionsIncludedSame place limit across all sessions.
Discount options
Multi attendee discountsIncludedIncluded
Multi session discountsIncludedIncluded
Discount codesIncludedIncluded
Customizable intake formsIncludedNot on entry plan.
Terms and Conditions AgreementIncludedNot included
Admin management
Live attendance registerIncludedIncluded
Online attendance tracking (check-in/ check-out)IncludedIncluded

* Based on fees published on this link as of April 2024.


Welcome to our detailed comparison of two leading software solutions for after-school program and camp organizers: Pembee and Sawyer. Whether you're running an after-school center, a summer camp, or a series of educational workshops, the software you choose plays a crucial role in operational efficiency and participant satisfaction. This comparative analysis aims to assist program directors and administrators in selecting the software that best matches their operational objectives and engagement strategies.

Pembee vs. Sawyer: Custom Solutions for After-School Programs and Camps

Pembee presents itself as an all-encompassing solution tailored to the unique requirements of afterschool programs, camps, and educational workshops. It focuses on streamlining the registration processes, monitoring attendance, and boosting participant engagement with an intuitive user interface. Unlike Sawyer, which also offers a marketplace feature for parents to discover new programs for their children, Pembee focuses on providing program organizers with comprehensive, customizable management tools. Pembee caters to organizations seeking a dedicated system to enhance their operations and foster stronger relationships with families and students.

While Sawyer also facilitates program management and offers visibility through its marketplace, Pembee differentiates itself with a suite of enhanced features for customization, such as the ability to customize activity categories as needed, set up custom filters and intake forms.

In the following sections, we'll delve into the unique attributes of Pembee that set it apart from Sawyer, focusing on areas such as advanced registration management, user experience, competitive pricing, and overall ease of use.

“Amazing. Not only a great and easy to use platform but brilliant customer service. Pembee has been a game changer for me. From using a previous booking system, my workload has been cut in half - more than half! Cannot recommend enough.”

Charlotte C. Multi-sports Camp, Pembee user review on Capterra

Feature Deep-Dive: The Best Booking Solution for After-School Programs

Pembee equips after school program organizers and summer camp business owners with a range of key features designed specifically to alleviate administrative burdens, save countless hours spent on administrative processes, simplify enrollment management, boost client satisfaction through a seamless online registration experience, and offer actionable insights for program improvement. Here's a closer look at the essential features of this school management software:

Transparent and Competitive Pricing

Low Monthly Costs: Pembee's pricing model is transparent and budget-friendly, starting with an affordable monthly subscription fee. This is particularly beneficial for small to mid-sized programs looking for comprehensive features without significant financial overhead.

Competitive Payment Processing Fees: Offering competitive rates for payment processing, starting from just 0.59% plus Stripe credit card fees, in contrast to Sawyer's $1.99 per order payment processing fees (even higher if using Sawyer's marketplace feature).

Admin and Automation Benefits

Attendance Management With features like paperless check-ins, Pembee automates routine administrative tasks for student management, allowing for efficient attendance tracking and reporting.

Automatic Email Confirmations: Simplify communication with instant email confirmations for bookings, reducing the need for manual follow-ups.

Self-Service Cancellation: Enable options for users to cancel bookings themselves and automatically deduct cancellation fees, reducing administrative tasks and ensuring that the activities are immediately available for resell.

Customization and Personalization

Custom Registration Forms: Pembee recognizes the diverse needs of after-school programs, offering adaptable registration forms that allow you to collect essential information from participants, including medical conditions and other specific requirements, ensuring a tailored and safe experience for every child. The data is saved for future use, ensuring a seamless registration process for repeat users.

Custom Activity Page: Create captivating activity pages with Pembee, showcasing your offerings with high-quality photos, detailed descriptions, and direct Google Maps links for location info. Enhance your listing page with customizable filters and tabs to make navigation and discovery straightforward for parents.

Flexible Ticketing and Add-on Options Pembee is designed with the varied demands of after-school activities in mind, providing a range of ticketing options and additional features. Whether it's single session attendance, multi-class passes, or convenient late pickup options, Pembee makes it simple for parents to find and book what they need.

Tailored Parent Communication Tools: utilize Pembee’s built-in email tools to maintain open lines of communication with parents. From automated booking notifications, one-click email updates, self-service online parent portal, ensure your community stays informed and engaged with every aspect of your program using Pembee's cloud-based school management solution.

Payment and Financial Management

Affordable and Flexible Payment Solutions: Designed with after-school programs in mind, Pembee presents an economical solution, featuring competitive payment processing rates and broad support for major credit cards, making transactions smooth for parents and organizers alike. Pembee also offers offline payment methods that do not incur any transaction fees.

All-in-one payment and report solutions: With Pembee, you benefit from a seamlessly integrated credit card processing system powered by Stripe. This integration facilitates the direct processing of payments and refunds on the Pembee platform itself, eliminating the need to navigate away to external payment processors.

Account Credits: To enhance flexibility and convenience for both families and program administrators, Pembee includes a feature for issuing and utilizing account credits for Premium plan users. This feature allows for easy management of prepaid sessions and adjustments to accounts as needed.

Streamlined Financial Management: Pembee simplifies the complex aspects of financial management through intuitive tools for monitoring balances and tracking financial transactions. Outstanding balance reminders and comprehensive financial reports ensure that you stay informed of your program's fiscal status, streamlining administrative tasks and supporting informed decision-making.

Customer and Attendee Engagement

Session Passes and Bulk Lessons: With Pembee, you can sell classes in advance with discounts to those who purchase sessions in bulk, thereby encouraging sustained engagement with your program and improving business cash flows.

Customizable Discounts and Promotions: Utilize Pembee's versatile discount management feature to attract new families while rewarding the continued loyalty of existing participants, all customizable to align with your program's financial strategies.

Business Insights and Analytics

Intuitive Admin Dashboard: Pembee's intuitive administrative dashboard and reports provide a comprehensive overview of your program's key performance indicators, including attendance and sales, facilitating informed decision-making and business operations planning.

Actionable Analytics and Reporting: Leverage detailed, real-time reports to gain valuable insights into your program's financial health and operational efficiency. From sales and revenue to comprehensive attendance records reporting, Pembee equips you with the information needed to optimize your offerings.

Conclusion: Choosing the Best Child Care Management Software

Choosing the right online booking system for managing after-school programs, camps, dance studios, and child care centers is crucial— an all-in-one management tool can significantly impact how effectively and smoothly your programs run. Pembee shines in this space, offering a platform that’s specifically crafted for the unique demands of after-school activities. It strikes a perfect balance between user-friendliness and a rich set of features aimed at simplifying registration, improving attendance tracking, and boosting communication with families. For organizers looking to streamline their operations and enhance engagement with participants, Pembee offers an ideal blend of functionality and ease of use.

Discover more about Pembee's features for different childcare centers and childcare providers:

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Trusted to handle thousands of bookings each month

“Using Pembee for my event bookings and registration has cut down my admin time immeasurably. I had got to a point where I felt swamped by the volume of paperwork created by my small but busy business and Pembee has saved the day!”

Claire Hughes
Woodland Nurture

“Fantastic. Easy to use, support is incredible and we have much happier users.”

Image of Joanna Watt
Tom King
Starlings Appleton Thorn

“I am blown away by the level of support and service from Pembee, the team have helped me set up the app and tweak it to get it working exactly as I want it. I can't fault any step of the process.”

Image of Joanna Watt
Louise Regan
Dorset Wild One

“So easy to use, great for customers and staff. Clean and crisp front end for parents - easily operated back end for staff. We tried 2 others before this and both were heavily flawed with by support or quality - this system has both.”

Colin Heath
Allstars Sports Group

“Just absolutely fantastic. I am super impressed with their system and also their customer support.”

Image of Joanna Watt
James Boit
Crazy Camps

“Such an amazing piece of software after trialling a few, Pembee is very easy to use and has solved a problem that we encountered!”

Image of Joanna Watt
Jade Keevins
Kangaroo UK

“Amazing app for my business. Helpful and easy to use, plus the online support is amazing from the team.”

Image of Joanna Watt
Katie Taylor
Inspire Sports Academy

“Amazing. Not only a great and easy to use platform but brilliant customer service. Pembee has been a game changer for me. From using a previous booking system, my workload has been cut in half - more than half! Cannot recommend enough.”

Image of Joanna Watt
Charlotte Carrington
Multisports For Schools

“Our previous booking system was going offline and we needed a replacement, Pembee worked with us to ensure their system could offer everything we needed to continue the smooth running of our business. Pembee customer support is second to none. Setting up the system was straightforward and there was always someone on hand to help with any queries we had.”

Nancy O’Brien
Jason's Totally Tennis
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