Event Booking System

Save time and create an experience your customers will love

A better way to manage bookings

All the features you need to reduce admin and grow your business.

Custom attendee form

Easily configure event attendee registration forms: collect personal information, event preferences, anything you need.

Multiple ticket types

Early bird ticket, concession ticket, course ticket. Want to limit the number of early bird tickets? Simply set a limit for each ticket type.

Multiple sharing options

Share booking link, embed in your website, add to Facebook profile. You can choose the best option to reach out to your audience.

Configurable event register

Configure your event register with customer information, payment status, and download or print registers for your staff.

Automatic Email confirmations

Configure automatic email confirmations with all the booking details to keep customers informed.

Email participants with one click

One click to email event participants about any changes or send additional details.

Reduce admin time managing event registrations

Planning your events no doubt takes considerable time and effort. An online booking system for your events can create a great experience for your customers and save considerable admin time. Avoid the time spent taking phone enquiries, managing bookings lists and chasing payments. Instead, you'll be able to focus on putting on a great event!

On average, our clients receive around 100 bookings in a week. Responding to an email or phone call to confirm a booking can easily take 5 minutes each, equivalent to 8.3 hours of admin work. Just think how you could spend that extra day you've freed up in your schedule each week!

Happier event attendees

Allowing your attendees to book in to events at any time of day will no doubt improve their booking experience and give them the flexibility to book using their phone, tablet or computer. They simply select the dates they wish to book, fill out required information and complete payment by credit or debit card.

Discover the best event booking system

With Pembee you can set up a site with a dedicated URL to take bookings for your event. The initial set up is straightforward and will take minutes not hours! If you run more than one event you can list multiple events on the same site.

Create a professional event listing page in minutes

You'll start by creating a page about one of your events. This can include pictures, downloadable documents and have content divided up into separate sections. Place limits can be set on each event to ensure they don't get oversubscribed.

Tailor ticket offerings to your events

You can create as many different ticket options as you wish, such as VIP or concession tickets. You can also charge extra for add-ons such as refreshments or merchandise.

A discount rule can also be created that gives a percentage or fixed amount discount when a customer books more than one attendee.

You can also sell event passes where a customer can may for a certain number of events up front. Credits are then kept on their account and deducted as they register for events.

Discount codes can be created and sent to certain groups of people to offer them a discount when they book for an event. You can also encourage customers to register early by creating a time limited discount code.

Customise event questionnaire for checkout

You can capture any information you want about your event attendees, such as dietary requirements, allergies, or any details about their interests. This will be stored in the Event Booking System for future use so they won't need to enter it each time they register for an event.

Handle payments with ease

We integrate with Stripe, the payment processor, to provide credit and debit card payment functionality. They already handle payments for over 3 million websites around the world so they can be trusted to handle your payments securely.

Powerful admin tools to streamline event preparation

Upon completing the booking for one of your events, your customer will receive an email with confirmation of their registration. This can be customised to include any important information they need to know about. Customers can also access their account area on the website to see a history of any bookings they have made.

As the event organiser, you will have admin access to the site which allows you to access details of all event registrations that are made by your customers. You can export this information as a CSV or PDF document so that it can be used as a register for when your event attendees arrive.

If you have co-organisers or other staff, you can create an admin account for them to manage the event. You can also create admin accounts with restricted access, enabling them to view registrations but not any financial information.

If you wish to contact everyone who has registered for your event, such as providing an event update, you can use the email functionality that's built into the Event Booking System.

The reports section in the admin area enables you to see a summary of the sales and revenue for each of your events.

The data is yours and nobody else's

We don't store your data in some crazy database hidden away in an obscure place. The event booking system UK based and enables you to access exports of your bookings, customer and attendee records at any time. We'll also never pass on any of your data to third parties.

Get started today

Setting up a Pembee site is straightforward but we're here to help you if you need any assistance. Our small and friendly team is based in the UK and is available to help if you have any questions. We aim to respond to all queries within a few hours, if not sooner. In addition, we have a Help Centre with extensive guides on using the application. You can also book a demo where we can walk you through all of Pembee's functionality.

Sign up today and explore the system - no payment details required, and no strings attached. For 30 days, you will have access to all features of the event booking system free of charge.

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Such an amazing piece of software after trialling a few. Pembee is very easy to use and has solved a problem that we encountered!

Jade K.


Everything we need. Fantastic. Easy to use, support is incredible and we have much happier users. Pembee has made our booking and payment so much easier than our previous system.

Tom K.
Club Manager
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