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All the features you need to simplify operations and grow your martial arts business.

Custom registration form

Easily tailor online registration forms to gather essential information from students, such as health details and progress in belt ranking. Information is saved and updated live on registers.

Flexible listing page

Set up your martial arts class listing in seconds, showcasing your dojo with compelling photos and organizing key details as you see fit, from location to list of instructors.

Multiple tickets and add-ons

Offer different ticket types and pricing options, from introductory sessions to term-based enrollments. Sell add-ons to boost revenue, such as branded gear or equipment.

Attendance register and tracking

Transition away from paper-based systems with our customizable online attendee register. Customize your attendee lists for easier class management. Still prefer hard copies? You always have the option to print copies for use by instructors.


Trusted to handle thousands of bookings each month

“Using Pembee for my event bookings and registration has cut down my admin time immeasurably. I had got to a point where I felt swamped by the volume of paperwork created by my small but busy business and Pembee has saved the day!”

Claire Hughes
Woodland Nurture

“Fantastic. Easy to use, support is incredible and we have much happier users.”

Tom King
Starlings Appleton Thorn

“I am blown away by the level of support and service from Pembee, the team have helped me set up the app and tweak it to get it working exactly as I want it. I can't fault any step of the process.”

Louise Regan
Dorset Wild One

“So easy to use, great for customers and staff. Clean and crisp front end for parents - easily operated back end for staff. We tried 2 others before this and both were heavily flawed with by support or quality - this system has both.”

Colin Heath
Allstars Sports Group

“Just absolutely fantastic. I am super impressed with their system and also their customer support.”

James Boit
Crazy Camps

“Such an amazing piece of software after trialling a few, Pembee is very easy to use and has solved a problem that we encountered!”

Jade Keevins
Kangaroo UK

“Amazing app for my business. Helpful and easy to use, plus the online support is amazing from the team.”

Katie Taylor
Inspire Sports Academy

“Amazing. Not only a great and easy to use platform but brilliant customer service. Pembee has been a game changer for me. From using a previous booking system, my workload has been cut in half - more than half! Cannot recommend enough.”

Charlotte Carrington
Multisports For Schools

“Our previous booking system was going offline and we needed a replacement, Pembee worked with us to ensure their system could offer everything we needed to continue the smooth running of our business. Pembee customer support is second to none. Setting up the system was straightforward and there was always someone on hand to help with any queries we had.”

Nancy O’Brien
Jason's Totally Tennis
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Benefits of Martial Arts Management Software

Simplifying Administrative Workflows

Introducing a modern martial arts software solution can revolutionize the way you manage your dojo classes. With features like online registrations, class scheduling, and secure payment processing, martial arts studio owners can significantly reduce the time spent on administrative tasks. Say goodbye to manual bookings, cumbersome spreadsheets, and the hassle of chasing customer payments.

Martial arts schools utilizing top-tier martial arts management software can process hundreds of class registrations weekly. Manually confirming each registration via email or phone can easily consume an entire day each week. Imagine what an extra day could achieve by reallocating that time towards enhancing your martial arts classes or focusing on business growth.

Increasing Student Satisfaction

Implementing martial arts management software can enhance student satisfaction. By offering 24/7 online registration and class booking options, students can easily sign up for classes at their convenience. Some martial arts software providers like Pembee also support self-service cancellation, saving even more time if your students' plans change.

Streamlining Financial Management

Proper financial management is crucial for any martial arts business. With martial arts software, managing finances becomes more efficient and accurate. The software can handle tasks such as payment processing, and tracking unpaid fees.

Mastering Martial Arts Management with Pembee

Pembee is an all-in-one martial arts management software. It offers a robust platform that makes setting up and managing your martial arts school online like a breeze. Here is a list of Pembee's key features.

Flexible Booking and Pricing Options

With Pembee, you can offer various booking and pricing options from single session bookings, term enrollments, to ongoing class subscriptions. You can also enable automatic discount rules and promotion codes to run special promotions.

Increase Revenue Through Upselling Tools

Drive additional revenue by offering promotional discounts, sibling rates, or early bird tickets. You can also introduce session passes/ class bundles to offer clients more flexibility and provide you with more visibility on student demand and more revenue upfront.

Streamlined Student Onboarding

During registration, you can capture critical student data such as name, birthday, and health info. This information is automatically saved for future use, and can be accessed live from any device. You can also set up admin only fields such as notes that track belt progression, which is only visible to staff members.

Seamless Payment Integration

Our card payment partner Stripe provides a secure and trusted credit-card processing option, supporting a variety of payment methods and simplifying the transaction experience for your clients. Cancellations and refunds can also be done in Pembee's single platform, without the need to separately log into Stripe.

You can also set up monthly subscription plans to help students spread costs. We will automatically send reminders and auto-retry failed payments, reducing awkward late payment conversations.

Streamline Admin Tasks

Manage your dojo's daily operations and repetitive tasks with Pembee’s powerful admin features. From automatic email confirmations to detailed financial and attendance reports, our dojo management software is designed for everyday users to improve efficiency in their daily tasks in every aspect of martial arts school management.

Customizable Confirmation Emails: After successfully registering for the classes, students or their guardians will receive an instant confirmation email containing essential information. This includes details about the enrolled classes as well as payment instructions for those who prefer offline methods, like bank transfers. These emails can be customized to provide specific instructions or equipment requirements for different classes, such as Jiu Jitsu or Muay Thai, ensuring participants are well-prepared. Additionally, students can easily access their booking and payment history directly in their account dashboard, reducing the need for customer support.

Advanced Booking and Registration Management: Pembee allows administrators to easily filter bookings to identify any with overdue payments. Admins also have the option to manually input student details and create bookings on behalf of students, streamlining the booking process. A link to a secure payment processor can be added for these manual bookings for enhanced security and efficiency in payment processing, enabling credit card transactions without the need to directly handle sensitive payment data.

Configurable Attendance and Session Registers: Create and customize session registers for each class. These digital registers are generated automatically, always up to date, and the attendance feature is loved by admins to track attendance check-ins and check-outs. Attendance records can be easily accessed online on any device, or shared with instructors in CSV or PDF formats. You can also create admin accounts for specific staff members, where they will be granted access to these registers, but not other sensitive information such as financial data or business performance.

Efficient Communication with One-Click Emails: With Pembee, dojo administrators can easily send bulk emails to all participants of a specific class with just one click. This feature is incredibly useful for efficiently communicating important updates and announcements about upcoming sessions to all members.

Business Analytics and Reporting: Leverage Pembee's advanced reporting features to analyze registration trends and business performance in your martial arts studio, track key performance indicators such as annual payment volume, membership payments, class utilization rate. With these insights, studio owners can understand class popularity, detect patterns in enrollment and attendance, and make data-driven decisions to enhance their business.

Your Data, Your Control

Your data is accessible and exportable at any time. We respect your privacy and will never share your client information with third parties. For more details, check out our Privacy Policy.

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