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Simplify camp registration and focus on delivering the best camp experience.

A better way to manage camp registrations.

All the features you need to reduce admin and grow your camp business.

Custom booking form

Configurable forms to collect all the information you need from your campers, from medical information to parental consent. Details automatically saved for future bookings, or one-click away for updates.

Configurable form that suits your camp registration needs

Flexible camp listing page

Create professional looking camp listing pages in seconds. Beautify your camp information page with pictures. Separate description into sections. Upload attachments with additional information.

Create professional looking activity pages in seconds

Multiple tickets and add-ons

Add more choices by offering different ticket types, such as day camp or weekly camp tickets. Offer more flexibility with additional add-ons, from extended hours to extra activities.

Set up multiple tickets and sell add-ons

Attendance register and tracking

Say goodbye to paper registers with real-time attendance tracking. User attendance rosters to access camper information, track payments, and track attendance with check-in/out times.

Paperless register and attendance tracking


Trusted to handle thousands of bookings each month

“Using Pembee for my event bookings and registration has cut down my admin time immeasurably. I had got to a point where I felt swamped by the volume of paperwork created by my small but busy business and Pembee has saved the day!”

Claire Hughes
Woodland Nurture

“Fantastic. Easy to use, support is incredible and we have much happier users.”

Tom King
Starlings Appleton Thorn

“I am blown away by the level of support and service from Pembee, the team have helped me set up the app and tweak it to get it working exactly as I want it. I can't fault any step of the process.”

Louise Regan
Dorset Wild One

“So easy to use, great for customers and staff. Clean and crisp front end for parents - easily operated back end for staff. We tried 2 others before this and both were heavily flawed with by support or quality - this system has both.”

Colin Heath
Allstars Sports Group

“Just absolutely fantastic. I am super impressed with their system and also their customer support.”

James Boit
Crazy Camps

“Such an amazing piece of software after trialling a few, Pembee is very easy to use and has solved a problem that we encountered!”

Jade Keevins
Kangaroo UK

“Amazing app for my business. Helpful and easy to use, plus the online support is amazing from the team.”

Katie Taylor
Inspire Sports Academy

“Amazing. Not only a great and easy to use platform but brilliant customer service. Pembee has been a game changer for me. From using a previous booking system, my workload has been cut in half - more than half! Cannot recommend enough.”

Charlotte Carrington
Multisports For Schools

“Our previous booking system was going offline and we needed a replacement, Pembee worked with us to ensure their system could offer everything we needed to continue the smooth running of our business. Pembee customer support is second to none. Setting up the system was straightforward and there was always someone on hand to help with any queries we had.”

Nancy O’Brien
Jason's Totally Tennis
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Benefits of Summer Camp Management Software

Streamlining Camp Administration

Leveraging comprehensive camp management software solutions transforms the camp registration process, significantly reducing administrative burdens for camp directors. Embrace the convenience of customizable attendee forms, real-time attendance tracking, integrated payment systems including mobile and credit card payments, and flexible payment plans. This modern approach not only enhances the experiences for campers and parents in online camp registration but also helps take care of all aspects of camp management, saving camp administrators countless hours previously spent on manual bookings, spreadsheet management, and payment follow-ups.

For instance, camps utilizing software like Pembee report an average of 100 new registrations weekly. Considering the time spent on manual confirmations, the software can save up to 8.3 hours of administrative work per week, freeing up valuable time for camp directors to focus on enhancing the camp experience. 

Elevating Parents' Experience

Offering parents the ability to register their children 24/7 through an online platform not only increases convenience but also significantly enhances communication with parents, making them more likely to book again. Camp management software serves as an effective camp registration tool, allowing parents to effortlessly book camp sessions and complete registrations in minutes from any device, manage their children’s details, and process payments securely, receiving immediate confirmation of their bookings. Features like easy cancellation or rebooking options further enhance the registration experience, making it seamless for parents to adjust their plans.

Pembee - The Most Powerful Camp Management Software

Pembee is an all-in-one solution at the forefront of modern camp management, offering dynamic camp management systems that streamline camp session bookings. 

Easy Listing for Camp Sessions

Setting up a camp listing page is straightforward, with options to include photos and documents to enhance the appeal of the camps. In the admin area of the camp management platform, camp operators can also set up custom categories for each camp, helping parents find the perfect camp sessions for their children. The system supports diverse ticketing options, including session-specific tickets or bundles, along with the flexibility to offer pro-rated pricing for ongoing sessions.

Increasing Revenue with Built-in Marketing Tools

Boosting sales through discounts, add-ons, and camp passes encourages more parents to commit to your camp. You can offer discounts for multiple session bookings, sibling registrations, or early bird sign-ups. Add-on options like camp merchandise, late pickup fees or meal charges provide additional revenue streams while making the camp experience more convenient for parents.

Simplifying Camper Information Collection

Pembee's user-friendly online registration flow simplifies the collection of attendee information, enabling camp organizers to gather essential details like emergency contacts, medical information, and special requirements at the point of booking. Customizable forms allow you to create your own camper profile, medical form, or health form. This streamlined process ensures that camp administrators have all the necessary information to provide a safe and personalized camp experience for each child.

Handle payments with ease

Integrating with Stripe, a prominent internet payment processing provider for over 3 million internet businesses, Pembee facilitates secure online payment options, including credit/debit card transactions, subscription payments, or payment plans. This flexibility meets the diverse needs of parents while ensuring smooth financial operations for camp directors. Pembee also supports offline payment such as bank transfers, so that campers can choose their preferred payment methods.

There are also other flexible payment types if you want to use offline payments such as bank transfer. The admin booking page helps you handle payment collection by highlighting payment status, with filters to filter out bookings with an outstanding balance.

All-in-one Software to Simplify Administrative Tasks

Pembee is designed to simplify camp management tasks in the summer camp industry so that camp teams can focus on creating unforgettable experiences for campers. It is designed to streamline all aspects of camp registration.

Automatic Email Communications for Effective Parent Communication: Upon the completion of a camp session booking, parents are automatically provided with a detailed confirmation email. This email not only confirms their registration but also includes vital session details, payment instructions for offline payments, and any necessary preparations for the camper's first day. The flexibility to customize this email template enables camp admins to add specific instructions, such as items to bring along or special camp requirements. Moreover, parents have the added convenience of reviewing the history of all their bookings directly from the parent portal, ensuring they stay informed and organized.

Streamlined Booking Management for Administrators: Pembee offers a robust admin interface that allows camp directors and administrators to oversee all camp registrations seamlessly. This includes the capability to easily filter and highlight bookings with pending payments. In scenarios where parents prefer booking over phone or email, administrators can manually enter registrations and promptly send confirmation emails containing all pertinent details. A direct payment link for credit or debit card transactions can also be sent along with the confirmation email, eliminating the need to handle sensitive financial information over the phone.

Advanced Camp Register Configuration and Sharing: Ditch traditional paper-based tracking for a sophisticated online register system, customizable to display essential attendance information. You can also set up staff accounts with only access to attendance records, whilst hiding sensitive financial information. Registers can be conveniently shared with the team by downloading them in CSV or PDF formats or through staff member accounts designed for direct online register access. Administrative controls allow for the restriction of sensitive data and effective staff management, ensuring staff focus solely on their assigned responsibilities.

Efficient Communication with One-Click Notification Emails: The software introduces an innovative feature enabling camp staff to send mass emails to all parents of registered campers with a single click. This function is invaluable for sending reminders, updates, or any pertinent information quickly and effectively, enhancing communication efficiency between the camp and camper families.

Data-Driven Insights for Strategic Decision-Making: The admin dashboard is a pivotal tool within the camp management software. Leverage the power of the camp management dashboard and customized reporting tools to gain deep insights into registration patterns and financial performance. These analytics capabilities allow camp directors to track registration demand per session, understand revenue trends, and identify the most popular and profitable camp activities. This functionality underscores the essence of Modern Camp Management, providing actionable insights that guide the strategic enhancement of camp programs. Such detailed reports are instrumental in making informed, strategic decisions to optimize camp operations and enhance the overall success of the camp program.

The data is yours and nobody else's

We don't store your data in an obscure or hard-to-access database. The camp registration software enables you to access exports of your bookings, parent and child records at any time. We will, of course, never pass on any of your data to third parties.

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