Benefits of an online Activity Booking System


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Having an online activity booking system, both in terms of time and monetary cost, particularly when you are at an early stage of setting up your business. However, it can help build a strong foundation for your business, saving you time in the long run, so you can focus on what matters the most - your customers.

Most modern online booking systems can do much more than just take bookings, they become an integral part of the way activity providers run their businesses. It also does not necessarily need to cost a fortune. Let's take a look at the key benefits of having an online booking system.

Benefits Overview:

  • Reduce time spent on admin
  • Offer a better user experience with 24/7 service
  • Organise all records in one place
  • Utilise marketing tools to increase sales
  • Discover business insights easily

Reduce time spent on admin

Reduce time on admin

If you are switching from a phone- or email-based booking system, you could see a significant reduction in time spent on admin, for yourself and your staff. The saved time can then be spent on more important work such as planning for your next activity or engaging with customer feedback.

On average, our clients receive about 100 bookings in a week. Responding to an email or phone call to confirm a booking can easily take 5 minutes each, which is equivalent to 8.3 hours of admin work (or 1 full working day) per week.

In addition, if you also enable credit card payments, you could further reduce the admin time spent on manually recording and chasing down payments.

Offer a better user experience with 24/7 service

Making card payment

Have you had customers complaining about not being able to reach you, or not hearing back from you soon enough, while you might be busy in class or simply away on holiday? An online booking system allows your customers to self-serve and book into the activities by themselves, 24/7.

Additionally, your customers can access their booking information online, save booking details and update attendee information (such as important health questionnaires and preferences).

Some of the feedback our clients have shared with us highlighted the benefit that an online booking system can offer to their customers.

We have much happier users.
Highly intuitive for parents to use to book their children onto our kids camps.
Pembee has made our booking and payment so much easier.

Organise all records in one place

Organise all records in one place

With an online booking system, you can easily access all records in one place: find customer information, search for outstanding payments, gather sales data, record offline payment details, analyse business performance.

Utilise marketing tools to increase sales

Many online booking systems provide access to marketing tools, such as discount codes and abandoned cart reminder emails to attract customers who may be price-sensitive or offer trials to new customers. This is valuable for activity organisers, whether you are in the early stage of building up your local presence or looking to expand your offering to more customers. You can find more information on how Pembee helps with this on our Features page.

Discover business insights easily

Discover business insights

Since all the data is organised in a central place, you can easily find out business insights such as your most popular activity, track how many new customers you have gained this month, and how does that compare to the previous month. With export functionality, you can easily do your own analysis too.

If you are exploring setting up an online activity booking system for your business, get in touch with our team via email or sign up for a 30-day free trial and start setting up your own booking system within minutes.