Top 5 Best Online Booking Systems for Fitness Class


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In the fitness world, efficiency is everything! Imagine the improvement in customer experience and the amount of admin time it can save shifting from old-school class bookings to super-smooth online booking experiences. Online booking systems are a game-changer for fitness instructors and fitness trainers who want to level up their operations and keep members smiling.

Today, there are many software options tailor-made for handling your clients’ class bookings and sweat sessions with ease. But it's not just about software—it's about finding that perfect fitness management software.

This guide is your VIP pass to the best online booking systems for fitness classes out there. They're designed to make life easy, offering streamlined online booking options so you can focus on helping your customers crushing those fitness goals. Let’s get started!

Top 5 Best Online Booking Systems for Fitness Class

SoftwareCustomizable Booking PagesClass & Event ManagementAutomationDigital MarketingSales Tools (Passes, Account credits, Discounts)
Acuity Scheduling

Fitness class booking software is a vital asset for fitness business owners and managers seeking to optimize their operations and enhance member satisfaction. They offer streamlined processes for managing class schedules, enabling seamless bookings and cancellations while ensuring a hassle-free experience for your customers. If you're looking for a booking system for yoga classes, HIIT lessons, or group workouts, here are our top five recommendations that can handle the complexities of booking and provide a user-friendly experience.


Pembee stands out as a highly adaptable and user-friendly booking system, perfectly tailored for fitness class management. It enables fitness studio owners and instructors to efficiently manage class enrollments, handle payment collection, track attendance, and engage clients through built-in marketing tools.

Fitness professionals using Pembee experience a significant decrease in time-consuming administrative tasks. For instance, managing around 100 class enrollments weekly, which traditionally requires 8+ hours of extensive manual input each week, becomes streamlined and efficient with Pembee.

Who is Pembee designed for?

Pembee is highly versatile, ideal for managing a wide range of fitness-related activities. Whether you are looking for a booking system for group fitness classes, personal training sessions, yoga workshops, or any other structured fitness programs, Pembee is the perfect solution for businesses focused on operational efficiency and enhanced client communication.

How does Pembee work?

Setting up with Pembee is quick and straightforward. Fitness professionals can easily integrate Pembee into their operations, with options to embed activity pages onto existing websites or use a custom Pembee link as a standalone digital presence. Creating and customizing activity pages is simple, allowing for the addition of images, scheduling details, and varied pricing options. Pembee also supports various pricing strategies, including pro-rated pricing and discounts, to attract and retain clients.

Pembee ensures secure financial transactions, partnering with Stripe for credit card processing, and supports a range of online payments. This includes modern mobile payment options like Apple Pay and Google Pay. Moreover, the system facilitates bulk booking options and monthly payment plans, catering to different client preferences. For businesses that prefer traditional non-card payment methods, Pembee can also help you efficiently track and manage cash or bank transfers.

Key features

Pembee's design focuses on easing the workload of fitness class coordinators and improving client interactions. Its key features include:

  • Customizable Enrollment Forms: Collect essential client information efficiently during the registration process.
  • Flexible Pricing Options: From one-time payments, class passes, discounts, to monthly subscription plans, Pembee supports a variety of pricing options to suit different business models.
  • Real-Time Attendance Tracking: Manage class attendance accurately with up-to-date registers.
  • Professional Class Listings: Easily share class information, compatible with all major web platforms.
  • Automated Client Notifications: Keep clients informed with automatic email confirmations.


Pembee offers a 30-day free trial, allowing fitness centers and instructors to explore its features. An annual plan includes 2 months for free, providing an economical option for long-term use. For detailed pricing information, check out Pembee Pricing.

Pembee pricing

How do I start?

You can explore some live demo accounts or request a demo with the Pembee team. If you simply want to test the software yourself, you can click on the link to sign up for a 30-day trial.

Acuity Scheduling

Acuity Scheduling equips gym owners and managers with tools to tailor availability, ensuring clients can book sessions precisely as desired. It extends the flexibility to host virtual appointments or classes alongside options to reserve personal time effortlessly.

Key features

The software features consistent management of multiple locations, allowing for efficient coordination across different venues. Clients enjoy the ease of self-management, being able to cancel or reschedule appointments with simplicity.

Automated receipts and reminder notifications are embedded within the scheduling process, ensuring clients stay punctual and informed throughout their journey.

To further personalize client experiences, Acuity Scheduling enables the creation of custom intake forms, simplifying interactions and making each customer feel valued.

The inclusion of powerful loyalty tools contributes to business expansion by fostering customer retention and consistent engagement, establishing enduring relationships with clients.


Acuity Scheduling offers 7-day free trial with its plans starting from $20 per month to $61 per month.

AcuityScheduling Pricing enables gym owners and fitness gurus to easily manage and display their fitness classes and group sessions within a user-friendly schedule.

This includes assigning coaches and specific fitness rooms providing clients visibility into available class slots for convenient booking.

Key features

What sets apart is its multi-channel booking capability, allowing both existing and new clients to discover and reserve fitness services through various online channels like booking websites, social media platforms (such as Facebook & Instagram), Google, and Booking page.

All bookings, regardless of the channel used, are centralized within a singular system, ensuring easy management and coordination.

The software also offers membership creation options, catering to returning and regular clients. This feature helps in organizing customer details and offering exclusive access to specific services for members.

Different membership tiers can be set up to meet diverse client needs, with the provision of on-site payment channels for recurring memberships, ensuring ease of payment for clients.

For comprehensive financial management, integrates an on-site POS system with scheduling solutions. This setup allows for seamless tracking of appointments and fees, enabling businesses to accept payments on-site for classes, coaching sessions, memberships, and products.

Pricing offers a free plan (max of 50 bookings a month) and a wide range of plans depending on your booking volume, starting from $9.9 per month to $99.9 per month.

SimplyBookMe Pricing


TeamUp prioritizes customer accessibility and flawless management for gym managers. Clients enjoy 24/7 access to their bookings through the gym's website or the TeamUp Member App, ensuring convenience and flexibility in scheduling.

Key features

The added advantage of having their sessions integrated into Google or Apple calendars ensures clients never miss a beat with automated app notifications reminding them of their sessions and keeping them updated.

This software smoothly handles catch-up classes, waitlists, and payments, streamlining the process for both the booking system and clients. For those offering online classes, TeamUp's integration with Zoom simplifies management.

It automatically generates and delivers links, enabling direct access to online classes from the class register, ensuring a smooth transition between in-person and virtual sessions.

Furthermore, TeamUp offers comprehensive business tracking features. It consolidates crucial customer details in one accessible location, showcasing contact information, waivers, membership status, registration dates, and any pertinent injury information or notes.

This centralized register provides a holistic view, motivating fitness experts with essential insights to serve their clientele better and ensure a personalized fitness experience.


TeamUp offers a free plan with limited function, or a paid plan ranging from $12 per month (if paid monthly) to $129 per month (if paid monthly) that offer different features.

TeamUp pricing


BookyWay is a strong contender for the best booking system for yoga studio, boasting a user-friendly interface for gym instructors to create and manage courses alongside individual classes and activities effortlessly.

The automated calculation of class cadences simplifies booking through the app, ensuring a hassle-free experience for clients.

Key features

One distinctive feature of BookyWay is its capability to manage classes with credits, making it perfect for handling pre-purchased class packages. The system cohesively scales credits upon booking, offering an untangled process for both clients and administrators.

The software excels in managing absences, enabling administrators to mark and organize absences in a report for efficient record-keeping.

Additionally, the waiting list management feature allows for seamless transitions from waiting lists to classes, either manually or through automated procedures as slots become available.

It empowers gyms with flexibility by enabling the assignment of weekly booking limits to the client database or customized limits per client, ensuring fair access to classes.

For insightful performance analysis, Timely offers sophisticated graphs to assess class performance across different time bands and periods, providing actionable insights for future planning.


Instead of a monthly subscription fee, BookyWay offers a different pricing model where it charges $1.5 per new user (customer).

Benefit of Fitness Class Booking System

Fitness class booking systems provide a range of benefits for different fitness businesses and their customers. Here are key benefits of using a fitness class booking system for different scenarios:

  • Personal Training Program – Consider that your gym aims to enhance its personal training program's efficiency. By integrating top-notch personal training scheduling software, your gym can drastically improve its booking process. This facilitates smooth client-trainer session bookings, elevating member satisfaction, fostering powerful sessions, and empowering trainers with effective schedule management.
  • Studio Booking – For fitness studio owners grappling with class scheduling and attendance challenges, employing high-quality studio booking software proves transformative. This solution optimizes class schedules, efficiently tracks attendance, and aids in tailoring pricing strategies. The result? Enhanced member engagement and a revenue boost for the studio.
  • Wellness Center Scheduling – Wellness centers offering diverse services like massage therapy and acupuncture benefit immensely from utilizing top-tier wellness center scheduling software. It streamlines appointment management, ensuring uninterrupted operations across various services, thus enhancing the overall member experience and bolstering revenue while retaining clients.
  • Online Class Booking – In the context of gyms witnessing a decline in class attendance due to cumbersome online booking systems, leveraging the best online class booking software becomes paramount. This software overhaul simplifies the booking process, inspiring members to sign up for classes and track attendance effortlessly.
  • Class Reservations – Fitness studio owners facing challenges in managing class reservations and attendance find respite in top-class reservation software. This software facilitates scheduling and attendance tracking, optimizing class offerings and pricing strategies.
  • Fitness Center Scheduling – For fitness centers bombarded with walk-in appointments, employing superior fitness center scheduling software becomes a lifeline. This all-in-one solution efficiently manages appointments for various services, including personal training and group classes.
  • Group Fitness Scheduling – health club owners seeking to revitalize group fitness classes turn to top-notch group fitness scheduling software. This solution aids in better class schedule management, tracks attendance effectively, and facilitates optimized class offerings.

Bottom Line

Imagine a world where managing bookings becomes a piece of cake, efficiency is a given, and staying ahead of the competition becomes second nature. It’s not just an abstract vision—it’s the reality that unfolds with the right gym booking software.

These tools, equipped with personalizable booking interfaces, automated scheduling, and comprehensive analytics, pave the way for a revolutionized business approach.

They empower gym owners to craft an experience where members effortlessly book classes while operations are managed with ease.

Whether it’s handling online class bookings or organizing in-person appointments, our list of best booking system for fitness classes serves as the catalyst for operational improvement and increased member engagement.

It’s time to embrace this transformation and witness the remarkable change gym booking software can bring to your gym.