Ready-made Health Disclaimer Examples for Fitness Class Instructors


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What is a health disclaimer?

A health disclaimer is a statement that informs participants of the potential risks associated with physical activity and encourages them to consult with a healthcare professional before beginning a new exercise program. It often includes medical information and therefore is sometimes used interchangeably with a medical disclaimer, although medical disclaimers are more relevant in healthcare settings rather than fitness classes. A health disclaimer may also include information about the class format and any necessary precautions or modifications for participants with injuries or health conditions.

Why do I need health disclaimers for my fitness class?

There are three main benefits of having a health disclaimer for your fitness class.

Reduce the risk of injury and raise awareness

Health disclaimers can help reduce the risk of injury and ensure that participants are aware of any necessary precautions or modifications that they may need to make based on their individual health status.

Protect the fitness instructor

Health disclaimers can help to protect the fitness instructor and the organization offering the class from legal liability. By informing participants of the potential risks and encouraging them to consult with a healthcare professional, the instructor and organization can demonstrate that they have taken reasonable steps to ensure the safety of participants and avoid potential legal liabilities.

Create a culture of safety and responsibility

Including a health disclaimer in your fitness class can also help to create a culture of safety and responsibility, where participants understand the importance of taking their own health and fitness seriously, and are encouraged to make informed decisions about their exercise routine.

It is important to note that a health disclaimer is for informational purposes and not a substitute for professional medical advice. Class participants should be encouraged to seek guidance from a medical professional.

Health disclaimer example

Below is an example health disclaimer for a yoga instructor. You can adapt the health disclaimer template to suit your specific fitness class types.

[Yoga] is a physical practice that requires strength, flexibility, and balance. Please consult with a healthcare professional before starting any new fitness programs, including [yoga]. If you have any injuries, health conditions, or other physical limitations, it is important to inform your instructor before participating in a [yoga] class.

The information provided on this website or in any of our [yoga] classes is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified healthcare professionals with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.

[Yoga], like any physical activity, involves risks and any individual's results may vary. By participating in our [yoga] classes, you acknowledge that you are participating at your own risk and release [the website, studio, and its affiliates] from any and all liabilities arising from your participation. If you feel uncomfortable or unsafe at any time during a class, please let your instructor know and stop the activity immediately.

I have read and understood the above disclaimer. I acknowledge that my participation in the [yoga] class is voluntary and that I am participating at my own risk.

Where should I display my health disclaimer?

You should display it where you share information for your fitness class, such as your websites, classrooms and handouts.

It is better to include this as part of your Terms & Conditions or booking agreement. You can store the consent on paper, or if you use any online booking system, you can store the consent digitally. If you are considering using an online system, Pembee is a class booking system designed for group fitness class instructors. It offers a 30-day free trial with no credit card required upfront. Click here to learn more about how Pembee can help reduce the admin work and easily manage your disclaimers and class bookings digitally.

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